Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back to NYGH

This past week went by slowly. I was very uncomfortable with a build up of fluid in my chest and abdomen that my oncologist didn't seem to want me to have dealt with (risk of infection, not really enough build up - what did she want? an explosion??). I had to push her to recommend me back to North York Gen Hospital, which she declined to do, saying that perhaps my GP would do this for me. I called my GP, and she, very kindly, did just that. Friday we drove to NYG where I met lots of the staff that I knew from last March, and they tapped the left side of my chest and drew off 600 ccs of the vile liquid. Then they tapped my abdomen high up on the right side and removed another 2.9 liters of liquid that had been compressing my lung and stomach and caused my ribs to ache and all sorts of other discomforts. In less than an hour I had lost another 7-8 pounds of excess liquid, and I went home walking upright and with an appointment for next Friday, in case the ascites returns. I am still on pain killers for other reasons, but at least I have ruled a new tumor out of the swelling on my right side.

Today I have been letting my insides sort out where they should be, and hopefully tomorrow will be a more comfortable day for me. It better be - I need to be a little more active to help my men get the house ready for our family to arrive from Alabama, Montreal, France and England for an early Thanksgiving gathering, US style. There will be 12 of us at our most numerous, and a great week of feasting and fellowship is on order.


Anonymous said...

Anne, You look great in the new photograph. Love,


Anonymous said...

I agree! HANK!!

Wincy said...

I concur! :D Awesome look~

Glad to hear you're doing better. I hope they'll not give you a hard time next time you want that fluid drained - you need the room for the turkey!

Love from the west coast!


Helen said...

Anne I can tell someone has designed that outfit JUST for you and your individual needs - the distinctive haute couture "Anne G" label! Big hugs from us in ENgland - sounds like Thanksgiving will be super-special time :-) Lots and lots of LOOOOOOOVE, HelenXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Yiliu said...

Mmmm double Thanksgiving... Benefit of having cross border relations I guess.


Happy to hear the good news.



Anonymous said...

oh wow Anne, you look simply beautiful in that Boubou!! Haven't seen you for a while, hopefully soon we can come for a visit if you are not too busy with visitors. ; )

Aimable and Hong

Anonymous said...

anne you look great
Hope this week with family went well
and we'll vistit next week when you've recuperated a bit
Eric and Terry.

Anonymous said...

great to hear your catch up and that things are being dealt with
Feel so much better and we'll visit soon

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Getting better
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