Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mama, by Eric

Mama – you made me grow,
Created me and nurtured me,
In every way you gave to me;
A debt I can’t repay, yet owe.

And though one I can’t reimburse,
Know you were my universe:
Your eyes my skies, so blue and clear,
Your voice the only sound I’d hear,
Your smile the sun to dispel gloom,
Your arms’ embrace my second womb.

The painful day you asked to leave,
I had two minds directing me;
Two wishes reached imperfectly,
And neither sadness could relieve:
For you, I hoped you’d go away,
But for me, I hoped you’d stay.

My life henceforth is split in two:
The part you’re in; and after you.
But grieve me not though you are gone
Be peaceful now, and mama, know
The joy I’ll have in passing on
A debt that can’t be paid, yet owed.

I hope you know what love you wrought,
What love is yours, what love you sought,
For you’re a friend, aunt, sister, wife,
And to many more maternal;
If love alone could save your life,
Your time would be eternal.


Webbster said...

Eric. You are a gem! Best, Larry

Maureen Wolfson said...

That is an absolutely beautiful poem Eric. Thank you.

DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!

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