Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Surgery Alert!

Eric came back from Montreal last night, and we all went to a very satisfactory meeting with my new surgeon this morning. Sunnybrook is a brighter, more relaxed hospital than Princess Margaret, but the parking is super expensive. I was so impressed with the amount of quality time that I was given with Dr C. He was well-versed with my case, and his direct, clear assessment of my options made it an easy decision to opt for surgical intervention over just chemotherapy. On July 8 he will remove my uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. He will also take out anything else that looks suspect, most probably the omentum, and he says that the cancer has shrunken significantly since the beginning of my chemo. I am feeling very relieved to have a consensus for having surgery and to know where I am going in all this.

This week I have been healthy and energetic, and I will try to hold this feeling in my head for the bad week of chemo coming up very soon. I will have round 5 on Friday at Princess Margaret, and will begin taking an iron supplement in preparation for my surgery next month. Miriam will be arriving for a few days on Friday night - poor thing, she seems to be here for my worst days...

The weather is disagreeably cold and wet - fine weather for going through my closet and getting rid of things that I haven't worn in years. I'll be dropping off bags of clothes and household items to the nearest women's shelter tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Glad you could make use of the wig! You look great and I really do think it looks better on you. So glad to hear that you got a quality doc on your case at Sunnybrook. Charging patients for parking seems criminal but if you go for treatment (chemo/radiation), they give you free passes.

was so great to see you. will be sending positive thoughts your way. Am thinking of coming back later this summer. Hope to see you then.

One note, i had a really hard time having company on my bad days but that's when we need our friends and family the most! don't feel bad about it, they are probably just happy to be spending time with you.


Magnus Bogucki said...

Glad to hear you know your next steps. I am thinking of you anne!

Many hugs!

Wincy said...

You're rocking the wig Anne! I love the bob look on you - makes you look 10 years younger. Then of course, you're always youthful and full of joy no matter what. :)

Rest up, and I hope the surgery goes well. Do keep us updated, and I'll be thinking of you on that day.

Hugs for you and JP!!!


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My New Boubou
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