Saturday, July 3, 2010

Countdown to surgery

Monday's appointment with Dr M was very good - we had her full attention and she answered lots of my questions before I asked them. She was concerned with the rise in my CA 125, and wondered if that would compromise my upcoming surgery (not an issue says my surgeon). She says that I am to let her know when I feel strong enough for another chemo (she wants another three) after surgery. I'm not looking forward to that, but then, I wouldn't want to not have them.

The past week was busy with lots of work on the house and in the garden. We biked to the Spit (I rode from home to the lighthouse and back)- I was exhausted by the end - too long and with strong wind - and arrived back at home ready for a long rest. In the evening we walked to the beach to sit in the sand and watch the Canada Day fireworks - splendid! Today, Saturday, we drove to a friend's house near Peterborough, our first foray outside the city since December. The weather was beautiful, and it felt great to get away for a few hours.

Tomorrow begins my countdown to surgery - I take the first of 5 daily disinfectant showers and fanatical clothes changing to help keep super bugs out of the hospital. Monday will be my last day of solid foods. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be consuming only clear liquids - we've stocked up on Jell-o, fruit juice, Gatorade, clear broth and popsicles - Yum!! Nothing at all for four hours before I'm admitted, except for my thyroid pill.

I'll get the call Wednesday afternoon that will confirm the time of my check-in and operation on Thursday. I have opted to stay in the 3-bed ward, rather than the semi-private, more expensive option. I wasn't given a private room option, and can't see the difference between sharing space with 2 people or 3.

The troops are gathering - Cathy is here, Anne Marie has just flown in from Paris (she has a cold, so will probably be sleeping at her dad's house), Miriam arrives Tuesday evening. It seems a waste that they will be here while I am in hospital, but it will nice to have their visits, I am sure.

My next posting will be post surgery - not sure when I am going to feel like having my computer on my tummy. I'm feeling very good, looking forward to the surgery, and trust that all will go well. Thanks for all your good wishes.


Magnus Bogucki said...

Will be thinking of you. Will be fine and I look forward to see you at the reunion!


Anonymous said...

Echoing Magnus.. I trust it will go well too.. looking forward to the post operation message.. Thinking of you always. Lots of hugs.. Sinzi. xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne, i'll be thinking of you. good luck and a lot of hugs, mariana (brasil ad03-05)

DavidHeap said...

Thinking of you Anne! Big hugs,

edmund said...

Lots of positive wishes winging your way from Flekke...

Eric said...

Mom, you simply are the best. I love you so much.

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of love
xxx Trace

Chris Doughty said...

Anne, I'll be thinking of you all week! Big hugs, Chris

Anonymous said...

I will be sending lots of warm positive thoughts from the OC. Good luck!

Wincy said...

Thinking of you RIGHT NOW! Hope all goes well. Hear from u soon. Hugs!

annette said...

Sending you loads of everything good and positive, lots of prayer too! xo Annette (D'Arcy)

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