Monday, August 16, 2010

She's Home!!!

Today is a great day as the doctor said Anne could finally come home. There were more ups and downs on the weekend because her platelet count was lower than the normal range and fluctuating. On Monday morning it was still low but getting higher, so she was given the green light to come home, and boy was she ready to get out of there!

Right now she's in the garden enjoying a beautiful day OUTSIDE. She's waiting for a decaf coffee, which is presently being served, and is about to eat some crackers and cream cheese. Thanks again everyone for your good thoughts and words; I'm sure every one of them counts.

I hope the next posting you read will be an authentic Anne entry!


Anonymous said...

Marvelous, merveilleux, Anne dans le jardin, au soleil, ça me rend heureuse pour elle, pour vous tous, mes Ginestier préférés !
Amour infini.
Nathalie Claude xxxxxxxxyz

Anonymous said...

=) please give Anne my best-est wishes!


Maureen Wolfson said...

So glad to hear that you are out of the hospital. Thinking about you lots.

Tania said...

Very glad to hear you're home. Lots of hugs all the way from Haiti :)

Christiane said...

we're so happy! welcome home! BIG hugs xx
Christiane et JL

Eric said...

So glad you're home Anne and enjoying the beautiful weather we've had the last two days
Eric and Terry

Atanas said...

wohoo, Anne!

Kjetil said...

Great to hear you're out of hospital and back home! All the best! Love, Kjetil

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Anne!!!
Sending lots of love xxx

Anonymous said...

So glad you're home with your family Anne. Helen xxxx

nancy wigston said...

Great news Anne! So glad you are chez toi.

Terry said...

Hi Anne,
Hope you are spending time this week out in your lovely garden -- the weather is terrific. Hope you are feeling better and looking forward to your next post when you get to it (no pressure).
With lots of love from Terry (and Eric too)

annette said...

Ah to be home!! A much better place to be healing. Keep getting better!!!! Continued thoughts and prayers your way :)

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