Sunday, August 8, 2010

Still in hospital

Eric here. Unfortunately, Anne is still in hospital as her nausea has not let up much since her arrival here Tuesday night. They have had her on three different anti-nausea meds, but neither has done the trick. The doctors don't really know what is causing it, but one theory is that she has a lot of toxins in her system that need to be flushed out; a consequence of her recent renal failure.

On that topic, she never did have another dialysis session, which was a relief. However, she did have stents inserted in her ureters (lines between the kidneys and the bladder) because there were some obstructions there. The experience was very unpleasant and painful, but she has endured everything with typical and yet amazing stoicism. We were further dismayed to learn that these stents will have to be replaced in three months.

She has had intermittent fever over the last twenty-four hours or so, but most recently her temperature was normal. The doctors suspect she might have a urinary tract infection, so she has been given antibiotics. She has been eating very little, and occasionally has not been able to keep food down. A doctor this morning also thought she was not getting enough oxygen and so she now has tubes going into her nose with a feed.

Anne and the family are extremely appreciative of all the support we have been given. Due to her present condition, however, we would ask that friends check with us before coming to visit. Besides the nausea, she usually feels fatigued and sleeps a lot.

In spite of this gloomy report, we remain optimistic and hopeful. Anne is fighting through this. We all want to get her happy and home. Time to send out your good vibes!


wilson said...

Thank you for keeping us posted Eric. I'm sure it is not easy for you all right now and I would like to visit once I'm over this cold and the family is up for it. See you all soon xoxo Michelle

edmund said...

Good vibes zooming over from Flekke - in spades!

Magnus said...

A massive bunch of vibes from Switzerland - you keep fighting Anne. See you at the reunion next year! HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting updates. Please tell Anne that I am sending my healthiest vibes from Southern California to her.
I hope that she is feeling much better soon.

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