Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas in our sights

These days my low energy makes me spend much of my time in or near my bed, except for trips to the North York General Hospital where I get drained, and the odd other hospital visit. However, I have a doctor who visits me at home once every 2 weeks, or more often if necessary.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been concentrating on getting stronger - after a drain I have two to three days when my appetite is good, my capacity is at a maximum, and I eat all the full fat food that I can get my hands on. By day four though, the liquid has built up again and I can only eat in bites here and there. Starting the week after next, I will be going in for 2 drainings per week, hoping to be more comfortable.

JP bought me a wheelchair last week so that now I can contemplate leaving the house. I had hoped to go to one of his Christmas choir concerts, but nearer the time I realized that I was too tired to be in one place for a couple of hours at a go. I have been out in the chair for a brief shopping, so it does help.

Miriam was home for a couple of days this week, and she and JP's sister (also here for a visit) shopped for a Christmas tree for the living room. We spent an evening making decorations, as all of ours were taken to Alabama years ago. Miriam's new rule is that we use only items that are already in the house - no purchases other than several strings of lights. We have made lots of white paper snowflakes, foil icicles, and cutouts from cards and boxes. The prettiest result was from some old dried and faded Chinese Lantern flowers that she has slipped over yellow and orange lights - they mute and spread the color, and the light that shines through, highlighting the delicate veins, is just beautiful.

Next week, Miriam is back, then Rick, then Viva, all staying over Christmas and New Year’s. We are all looking forward to it!


Wincy said...

Hey Anne! Nice to hear from you. :) Christmas is near and I'm going back to Hong Kong for the holidays. I hope you have a great one with your family too!

Christiane said...

Coucou Anne,
On est si contents d'avoir de tes nouvelles,c'est comme un rayon de soleil qui éclaire notre journée de froidure
sibérienne! C'est super de passer Noel en famille, nous vous embrassons très fort! Christiane et Jean Louis XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne
Glad to see you have updated your blog
wow - lots going on around your house.
Terry and I will visit just as soon as she shakes this cold/sniffles thing.
Definitely before Christmas

Jean said...

Hello Anne!!! Don here (Jeans Husband)I just wanted to wish you the BEST of the Holiday Season and to say that one day we should go to Alabama and eat some Ribs!! Dreamland in Tuscaloosa used to be the best!! PORK Ribs of course! See you one day soon with Jean! So once again Feliz Navidad!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne and Jean Paul,

Just want to send you some love from the coast of Maine, where I'm visiting my Mum...while E. is in England (snowbound, perhaps?) with his. Hope you have a wonderful family Xmas!

Anonymous said...

Catching up on your blog after too long offline. Your christmas tree sounds like it was gorgeous! Happy to hear that you had a loving gang surrounding you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love, Alexis.

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