Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas post

Hi all,

Eric here. Anne has asked me to update the blog as she hasn't been feeling up to it lately. Feel free to comment, however, as she does use her computer regularly and enjoys hearing from you.

Her days are up and down now, and it's difficult to predict how she'll feel from one hour to the next. Happily, she has plenty of good moments, but there are hard times too. It's important to have a lot of family time these days and Christmas has provided the occasion. Miriam has been here for a week now, helping take care of Anne in a big way and being that much needed breath of fresh air. They've spent some time making beautiful Christmas decorations out of paper, and Miriam has helped make aspects of Anne's care much more efficient. Rick is here now too, also helping to round out the picture and raise our spirits with his profound kindness and sense of humour. Viva has most recently arrived and made a warm situation even better.

There's not much more to say except that Anne is receiving excellent care at home now, with daily visits from the nurse and weekly from the doctor. We wish our friends and loved ones everywhere a merry holiday season, and encourage the use of this time to connect with the important people in life. All the best!


les Minous said...

Chère Anne,
Pour la première fois nous avons compris comment répondre au blog! Tout arrive! Désolée de savoir que ce n'était pas brillant hier. Espérons que le jour de Noël sera meilleur. Heureuse que vous soyez bien entourés tous et heureux aussi de penser que bientôt nous pourrons vous voir, vous donner un coup de main et vous faire rire! Nous préparons les blagues et les vannes! Bonne journée, bon Noël et énormes bisous et pensées. Nous t'aimons très fort et à bientôt des Minous

Mirta said...

All the warmest wishes frim Croatia!
Much love,
Mirta (&my family)

Sara Johansson said...

Merry Christmas Anne and JP and the whole family!

Anonymous said...

Je vous aime tous chers Ginestier !
Je pense à toi Anne, chaque jour !
Love to JP, Éric, Rick, Viva and my dear Miriam.
Nathalie xxxxxxxxxxxyz

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas time with family and friends.

Love to all of you,

Christiane said...

Dear Anne,
Wish we could give you a big hug, can you feel our love wave as you read this message ? We send you a thousand suns and smiles from the city of light!
Love to you all,
Christiane and Jean louis

Susan Wales said...

Sending you warm holiday greetings! Hope your Christmas was merry and bright and your New Year will be sparkling with light! Can you believe Roanoke, Alabama had a white Christmas! XOX Susan Huey Wales

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne, JP and family!
Biiiiig hug and best wishes and season's greetings and thinking of you all from a very, very summery (36C!!!) summer down here in Argentina!
Lots of love,

john said...

Anne, probably do not remember me thinking of you, still in Wedowee working some and enjoying grandbabies. Hard to believe things that happen as we get old but it beats dying young. Love to You and family. Harold

Mary said...

Hi Anne, Jean-Paul, Eric, and Miriam, the very best of the seasons greetings to you. I think the this corner of the world north of the border must be the only one without snow. I am sending you the biggest laugh I had this year by email. Enjoy. Love ot you all. From Flavia and Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne and all,

Much love to you from Montreal. Thinking of you and sending my best wishes. xoxo Sincerely, Wendy

Adina said...

thinking of of all of you and sending much love.

Webbster said...

Hi all; seasons greetings - your family gathering sounds like a wonderful time. Anne & JP, it was soo good to have you here three weeks ago (?) and I truly hope you will feel free to make a return appearance whenever the mood suits. Eric, Miriam, you are fantastic. Love to all, L

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,

Wishing you happiness with JP and your family. We think of you often---there are SO MANY things that bring you into our minds.

With much love to you all,

Sandy and Henry

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne and Family
It was great to see you all just before Christmas - I hope the day went well with all the family around.
Wishing you all the best in the coming year.
Eric and Terry

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Jean Paul and Anne.

We're thinking of you and sending our love.

Theo and Eilelen

Anonymous said...

Happy 2011! Sending you my warmest hug and biggest smile wrapped in a glow of the bestest wishes in the world.
xxxx Trace

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I hope to speak to you soon. Xoxox Anne

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year à vous tous et plein de courage pour Anne. Avec toute l'amitié de la famille Monnet.

John said...

Hi Anne! Happy New Year. It was great to read Eric's update. I have now finished my Spanish course (I passed, even) and got the web site up for my new company: There is even a picture of you in there somwhere.

much love,


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