Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little to Tell

I know many of you would like to see an update ... but there is little to report. On Friday Anne said to each one of us she wanted to go, and asked us if that was all right with us. We all said yes.

The doctor came, heard the same request, and increased both her sedation rate and her hydromorphone rate. She went into a coma later that day, and since then has had a mild and short awakening (1 minute?) on Saturday morning, then an even milder and shorter one Sunday morning. We understood she would be gone in 2/3 days, but here she is, 6 days later, still breathing, still in a coma, still getting nurse visits twice daily for an injection and general assessment, still getting her mouth hydrated regularly, still looking peaceful.

We are all doing our best here, and again thank you all for your support.


Jenny C. said...

Thinking about you and Anne a lot, JP. It was my dad's birthday today (Jan. 26), yesterday...making this time all the more poignant...

Anonymous said...

lots of hugs and my thoughts are with you.


Christiane said...

we feel so close to you and we warmly pray for you all and dearest Anne,
Christiane and JL

Anonymous said...

My wishes are with you Ginestiers... Strength and peace to you all...

Anonymous said...

So far away in the South, but my heart is hugging Anne and you.

Cristian and family

Anonymous said...

Peace to you dear, dear Anne, peace to you all dear Miriam, Jean_Paul, and Éric.
You have all my support, my love.
Nathalie xxxxxxxxxxyz

Lars said...

JP: all my thoughts, strength and love goes to you, to Anne and your family in this moment. I really wish that all the love that comes from all around the globe to be with you, can help you at least a bit to feel some peace. I love you both.

All my love from me and Clau.

jpginestier said...

Thanks all - please note that if a comment comes from "anonymous" and is unsigned, we cannot tell who it is ...

Eric Parker said...

Love to all of you
thinking of you daily
thank you for this update - it tells a little and it tells a lot
so glad Anne is remaining peaceful
Eric and Terry

K. said...

There are so so many people out there right now who, like me, are thinking of you. I love you so much, you are permanently in my thoughts, and I can only wish you a peaceful transition.
With all my love,

mermayd said...

Dearest Anne, you would always surprise us (and still do) with your strength and fire.
Sending you and your family all my love and support for a continued peaceful journey.
From my heart to yours,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jean Paul and Anne,
Your blog entries are truly inspirational. Thinking of you and your family. Love,hugs and kisses priya.

Anonymous said...

Nous pensons beaucoup à vous. Les heures, les jours doivent s'écouler bien lentement. Bravo, Jean-Paul, de tenir la maisonnée et tout le reste.
Nous sommes de tout coeur auprès de vous. Kisses and hugs, from Isabelle and Jean-Marc

Anonymous said...

Dear JP,

I am glad to hear that Anne is being cared for and surrounded by those who love her.

My mum passed away this morning. The funeral is this coming Saturday.

I am sending you all the strength I can muster.

Marko from Serbia [RCNUWC '03]

Anonymous said...

JP and Anne, Mark and I are thinking of you both. We were just talking about Anne, and he was telling stories about her from Norway. He was saying that her encouraging words were what helped him make the decision to move back to Canada and help us be together. Big hugs to both of you. Mark and Kelley (Vancouver)

Cook said...

Courage and peace to all of you now and in the future.

Aimable said...


Thank you for updating us about Anne's journey! Wishing you all the strength possible at this moment. Greetings to Eric and Myriam and wishing them strength too.


Mike Wong said...

JP and Anne,
My thoughts have been with you very often lately. I have been following your blog for the last few months and am incredibly amazed by the courage, strength and grace that you have shown. Please know that I (and the rest of the UWCAd) love you immensely with the highest respect. Thank you so much for all you have given us in Italy, and also what you have taught us through your blog. I will always think of you.
Big hugs,
Mike (from Hong Kong, AD '08)

Anonymous said...

Love you both lots. Thinking of you and praying for you. Sinzi.

Alberto Pisani said...

...praying for you all....
dear anne, thanks for every smile, every word, every little thing you gave and did for me during your years in Duino... i'll take you forever in my heart.
A young man from Duino.

Anonymous said...

Nous prions pour vous tous les jours tout le temps! Gros bisous a Anne et du courage JP!


Anonymous said...

Dear JP and Anne,

I cannot do better than echo what Mike ( Wong) has so beautifully expressed.

Much love,


Webbster said...

I can't help but think of Anne as on another leg of her life journey, and so wish her in the old words, "good speed" with love. And sending love and hugs to you, JP, and to Eric and Miriam. Larry

Ann said...

"When you look up at the sky at night, since I'll be living on one of them, since I'll be laughing on one of them, for you it'll be as if all the stars are laughing."


Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Love, Ann Austin

Anonymous said...

Dear JP and Anne, We all love you and hope that you have the strength to cope with the pain you are going through. I changed my profile to Anne's lovely picture. I miss her. Love, and wishes of strength, Asli Dolucan, RCNUWC-96-98

mariamostar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mariamostar said...

Dearest Anne,

I can't think of any words but to say that you are beautiful and will always be in all our hearts.

Maria, Malaysia RCN97-99

Ela Maldonado said...

a big hug full of sunshine. Of my love to you and to Anne.
Elaine, Venezuela

Anonymous said...

Sending my sincere love and well wishes. You two have had such a deep impact on my life and that of countless others through your generosity and youthful hearts. JP, I know many years have gone by now, but thanks again for having your mom host me when I travelled through France as a student. I love you guys...Dipo

Sacanagem- Team Brazil! said...

Anne and JP- my heart, mind and spirit are with you. Thinking of you, sending you love, warmth and all that is good and pure. Anne, you are an angel and have blessed us all. You are and will always be in our hearts!!

Love forever.

John said...

Dear Jean-Paul;

Thanks for the photos and the last entries. This is really meaningful for those of us far away. Very moving.

John in Vancouver

Anonymous said...

Dear JP,
I am sending you all my love and support.
The way you and your familiy are dealing with this is amazing, so much strenght... I pray for Anne and all of you, to have the strenght and peace in these difficult times. Unfortunately, i will never understand why these things happen to the greatest people, to those who marked so many lives in such a beautiful way...

Take care

Maja (Bosnia)

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