Friday, January 14, 2011


JP writing:
Anne has had a good week, all things considered. She is still very weak, but is experiencing less pain and nausea, and has been enjoying the company of some old close friends who have been staying with us. She has been drinking more, but is still mostly unable to eat.

We are glad she has maintained more alertness by choosing to use less sedation than planned, as the new dose of painkillers seems to be doing the trick.

She is looking forward to seeing her brother Rick who arrives tonight. We want you all to know that she is comfortable, happy and well surrounded.

We will try to post regular updates.


Jerina said...

JP & Anne,

Love, love, love, love(!!) to both of you! I'm speechless,but...huge hug from Vancouver! xxxxx jeri

Chetana said...

All the love I have in me-to you, Anne and your family, who has taken this long, difficult journey with you. I am glad you are comfortable and happy and surrounded by people you love.

sabiria said...

Anne, Anne, my dear Anne. Your spirit is strong.

Fai said...

Anne and JP, wishing you both a restful and relaxing weekend. ^_^ Lots and lots of love from Thailand.
Fai W.

Guro said...

Dear Anne and JP. Thank you for keeping us informed. We wish you a good weekend scattered with light and treasurable moments.We love you! Guro, Tord and Stener (1 year)

noodlecapricciosa said...

Very glad to hear that, wishing you all lots of happy moments!
Holly Cheng

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. You seem to be dealing with the disease with judgement to cut the pain as much as possible, which is the most important for Anne and those of you who suffer to see her suffer.

Un petit coucou de France et tenez bon !

Christiane said...

Très Chère Anne,
Nous t'aimons - et nous vous aimons tous les deux tellement - que savoir que tu as de temps en temps un peu de répit est réconfortant; nous sommes si près de vous TOUS LES JOURS en pensée!
Nous vous embrassons de toute notre immense affection

Christiane & Jean-Louis

Adriana said...

Dearest Anne and Jean Paul,

I hope you make the most out of this time together and with the rest of the family around.

There are no words that can express all you mean and have meant to me. Neither how sad I am to hear the latest news. As I guess most of us are, I'm still hoping for a happier turn of events.

I send you, Eric and Miriam all my love, and wish you the best for the days ahead.

A big, big hug,


Anonymous said...

JP, Anne, Eric and Miriam, sending you hugs and warmth from Virginia.
Catherine Ad'06

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