Saturday, January 29, 2011


No news - Anne is still hanging on, still peaceful.
We thought we would post a few pictures of these last weeks.
Love to all,
JP, Miriam, Eric


Anonymous said...

Merci de prendre le temps de nous informer - je pense tellement a vous. Aujourd'hui j'ai fait un banana bread avec Amy. C'est Anne qui m'avait appris a le faire... and I'd like to tell her that she is one of the most important inspiration to me as a mother. I hope one day I'll be able to say that I am even a tenth of the mother she has been, not just to her own children but to so so many. I love you both very much. From Southampton, Jennifer x

Lars said...

Beautiful Anne, with that smile full of love and happyness for life. You were, are and will always be true inspiration for so many people around the world...and most definetely you are true inspiration for me.

Anonymous said...

C'est vraiment gentil de prendre le temps de nous donner des nouvelles. Merci pour les photos. Décidément, rien n'éteindra ce sourire, qui restera avec nous pour toujours. Don et moi pensons à vous. Anne

Webbster said...

Thanks so much for posting these photos. That smile - shines through everything! Love to all, Larry

isabdelattre said...

Un grand merci pour ces photos qui nous font partager ces moments remplis d'empathie et de bienveillance autour d'Anne. Quelques nouvelles familiales : Alexis, Cécile et le petit Rémi s'annoncent pour dans deux semaines pour revisiter Lyon avant leur future installation. Ils vont donc se rapprocher de nous. Cécile est d'ailleurs enceinte d'un deuxième bébé pour fin Août.
Lots of love to Anne and all of you.

Guro said...

Tusen takk for foto, JP! Be strong.

Anonymous said...

We love you all so much and wish you peace and comfort xo Fabry & Eldred Families

Helen said...

Thank you SO much Mr G for sharing these beautiful photos - they are so special ... seeing Anne radiate her inner grace and kindness and beauty is too moving for words... Lots of love to you all at this fragile and special time. XXXXXXXXXHelen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the photos, they were extremely moving... love to you and your family. Do take care.

-Michelle Goh

Jenny C. said...

Lots of love to you, Anne and your family, JP.
Anne, I'll sing a song for you tonight. I love 'Deep River' (...for very special reasons), but if you have another suggestion, JP...

Anonymous said...

Oh Woww, You are such a brave family! amazing photos. I don't think I could be as brave as you are JP! With love and prayers, Asli

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful memorial. Looks like her attitude has rubbed off on the rest of you...and that (as you know) is a very good thing). May her influence continue to infect your families and friends.

Mary said...

Jean-Paul, Miriam, and Eric, February 3rd 2011
Thank you for the final pictures of Anne on the blog. Despite her illness, she still has her beautiful smile and a circle of people nearby; they clearly love her and have been inspired by her. I will be thinking of all the family at singing tonight as my contribution to your ‘colourful’ celebration of her life.
Fond wishes, Mary Lowery

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