Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day, 2010

Saturday should have been a bad day for me, but I began to take my Ibuprofen last night, and seem to have stayed ahead of much of my typical post-chemo discomfort this time. I woke up relatively comfortable and had a very active day, trying to keep up with the work that my men-folk were putting into painting, sanding, varnishing. Fatigue hit me by mid afternoon, and I slowed right down for the evening. There seems to be a curious lack of the stabbing pains that I usually get - again, hopefully this is the pain killers working.

Sunday was another work day, and, as a day 5 was typically the worst one in the cycle. I was quite tired, and rested often while others worked around me. The painting in the kitchen is complete, and Rick and JP worked long hours installing the lovely wooden shelves - I'll try to post a photo in the next few days - while Eric painted on in the dining room. Miriam arrived from Montreal on the evening train, so once again the family is complete.

Monday, Victoria Day, and it is hot outside. I am feeling better today and not taking any pills, though fatigue is a constant companion. We (I spent a lot of time flat on my back) worked like bees all day with cleaning, painting, cooking, moving furniture, and finally rewarded ourselves with drinks in the garden. Tonight Eric and I watched the fireworks from our top floor - the others walked down to the beach for a front row spot. We;ll all relax in front of a good movie this evening. Tomorrow we should move our kitchen things down to the ground floor and celebrate the good weather with our first meal outside.

My films and reports have all arrived in Minneapolis, and I hope to hear back from our good friend in a few days to see whether or not he agrees with the treatment that I am receiving here. I don't imagine that there will be new information, but it will be nice to have a fresh set of eyes looking at my file, and to know that a friend has my back.


Marlene said...

Dear Anne,

Jean-Paul just wrote to me and told me you are ill and in the process of recovering.

I hope you will get better, soon!

Get well soon!

Yours Marlene

PS: This is a poem for you:

"Eat hot soup
Take your pills
Get some sleep
Don't catch chills

Stay in bed and
Take some rest
Hope that soon
You'll feel your BEST!"

Sara Johansson said...

And i also popped into your blog today and want to send some energy from sunny and soon-to-be-summer-Sweden!

Anonymous said...

You have unbelievable energy! I feel like a total slug compared to you :-) Glad to hear that the friend in MN will be reviewing your files. I think it's important to have a second opinion when in doubt.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. I was thinking of bringing some hats/scarves up if you are interested. What about "Betsey"? Would you like me to bring my red wig for you?

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My New Boubou
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Getting better
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Due to Popular Demand
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