Sunday, March 14, 2010

The honeymoon is over

After three days of wondering what the big deal was with chemotherapy, my 4 tablets of dexamethasone were finished, and, as reality settled in, I discovered that I was just as big a baby as the next person. I was sleep deprived, constipated and suddenly felt like a truck had just run over me two or three times. JP was sent out on expedition to find a big bottle of extra-strength Tylenol and Miriam massaged my feet, fielded phone calls for me, and I finally fell asleep for about an hour - in the middle of the afternoon! I still do not know if this great battle of my insides has been going on in my body since chemo started and was just masked by the steroids, or if it has suddenly kick started, but the effect has been startling. My swollen belly has started to deflate, and I have lost about 5 pounds since yesterday (most likely in excess fluid), and hope that this means that the cancer is being attacked. Last night I slept for six-hours in our bed - my first night not spent in the Lazy Boy in three weeks!

I just found out that my brother Rick is flying up from Alabama for ten days, in ten days'time, and that Eric will be arriving from Lisbon the day before Rick arrives. It will be such fun having them both here at the same time! Something good to look forward to.

Things I am thankful for today - family, friends, flowers, Skype, Canada, Tylenol...


Laura said...

Sorry to hear the truck arrived but glad you've got family around to give you the support you need. Your little body is undergoing quite a battle, and I know you will be the victor! You're on my mind and in my heart...YLR

Anonymous said...

You look amazing in that picture!
I just got the news from Nikki. I am bummed that cancer has hit another of us. Sounds like you are upbeat, which is great. You are so lucky to have friends and family around and flying in. Take all the favors, flowers, massages offered. This is the one time we don't need to feel guilty about endulging and getting help and attention. I had a hard time accepting help from others, which was stupid but mostly, I missed my family and friends while going through chemo and well... I still do.

I was also on carboplatin but with taxotere. I'm not sure which one was nastier but think it was the taxotere, actually. did funky things to my fingernails. Also, if you get constipated on the premeds (which was possibly the worst part of my chemo), get Miralax. It's sort of like Metamucil and take it every day while in chemo.
Other advice:
- i got a free wig from the hospital where they had a one on one image consultant. See if you can get one. I used it now and again but mostly wore hats. I rarely wore scarves (except cotton ones in the summer) but there are a bunch of funky hats from here:

- i have found this blog to be very inspiring and educational:
This woman has stage 4 Breast Cancer and is going through alot right now, but has some great stuff on clinical trials that you might want to read up on. Actually her current post is on this right now.
- Support groups - I joined one and found it very helpful to talk with cancer who understand what you are going through.

I'll be thinking of you and if you want any other advice or anything else, let me know.
Much love!
Maureen Wolfson

Eric said...

Thanks Maureen for the advice and the love! Right back at ya!

Anne said...

MoBaby - you are my heroine!! When I feel a little low, I check out your blog and feel ashamed. Like feeling wiped after walking to the end of the block - then I see that you have done another marathon bike ride. Seriously, you rock!! I think that I am finally getting it that this is NOT going to be an easy ride or a walk in the park. The fact that you are ahead of me by a year, shows me that there is reward for perseverance (how did you manage in the early days alone?), but it also appalls me to see this as going on for months and months.

Keep blogging and I will keep reading and taking strength from your seemingly unending supply. Love you lots, Anne XX

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