Friday, March 19, 2010

A little help from my friends

Thursday I had another paracentesis at North York Hospital, where they drew a liter of fluid from my abdomen. Instant relief, and for the first time since chemo I was able to feel my stomach muscles. Took advantage of the excellent weather for walks at the beach, short shopping expeditions and just sitting on the front porch with Ranger at my feet. Sylvia arrived by train that evening and has been wonderful company for both JP and myself. I feel guilty having her here, as her daughter is having surgery on Tuesday in Montreal, and I feel that she should be with her. She has made a deal with Miriam, it seems, who will be standing in at Jenn's bedside for her till she returns on Wednesday. I guess when you feel like one big family, individual members can be interchangeable.

Unfortunately, each day I feel better and better, just as I should be keeping away from people, and I take this as a sign that I will be strong again for chemo 2 in another ten days or so. Now I am beginning day 11 of chemo 1 - in the trough of the low white blood count period. I must be extra vigilant of germs, nicking myself, keeping my hands away from my face, washing hands, washing hands, washing hands. I am still sleeping with the help of my little pills, but find that discomfort at night keeps them from acting quickly. I can feel the pressure rebuilding in the right side of my chest, and wonder if I can wait till next Thursday for my scheduled appointment. I'll probably have to phone on Monday to see if I can have an earlier slot for thoracentesis.

I must be the wealthiest person I know in friends. I'm having to book visits now, so that I guard my strength. Mornings seem to be my best time, afternoons I try to keep for walking when the weather permits (our sunshine disappeared overnight and didn't return this morning), but evenings I can be quite exhausted. May came over with videos and gave me a beautiful manicure. How pampered can one woman be??

Things that I am thankful for today: friends, sleeping pills, Skype, the North York Hospital team who look after me, my new manicure!!


Anonymous said...

It's so good to be able to read your blog Anne, I keep thinking about you all as I go about my life in London, and look forward to being with you. I'm so glad you have all these lovely people around you to help, with their good ideas for so many things. All my love, Cathy x x x

Hong said...


You look great in the pictures. Your great spirit is shining through! Keep up the walks at the beach as the weather gets warmer over the coming weeks!

We will visit again soon! Don't worry, we will make sure to book an appointment :)


Hong and Aimable

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,
You have such a brave heart and i'm sure that u can get this through.
Hailing Xue

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Just wanted to send you a germ-free, virtual hug. I'm sending you positive and healthful thoughts.


Hoa Nguyen

dillydally said...

Hooray to the healthcare vote :) Being a jobless and having naerly non existent insurance, it's almost scary being the US right now. I'm currently maroooooned on an island working with seabirds, and being really thankful I have work accident coverage. Stay chipper Anne, wiggle those manicured fingers!

Michelle Goh

Dr. Kawuma said...

Hello Anne,
I wish you all the best as you go through treatment. It has to be a difficult time for you and your family but we keep all of you in our prayers. I have confidence that you will beat this and we all want to see you at re-union next year! Send my greetings to JP

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