Friday, March 26, 2010

My body lies over the ocean

It seems that my white blood cells are holding their own. My little scare with a fever responded after several hours of hot baths, salt water gargles and obsessive temperature checks. I woke up yesterday with all symptoms gone, and decided to put the thermometers away until I feel ill again.

My scalp is becoming more and more sensitive; it feels sore when I lift a hank of hair or disturb the roots. I am being very gentle when I shampoo or brush, and wonder if this is when I will begin to lose my hair, though I have read that is normally at the end of the second round of chemo. My skin is very dry, and I take quick showers and then soak in a tub of hot water and baby oil.

My mouth and tongue are a bit sore, so I am careful when I brush, and I rinse with baking soda and warm water - luckily I seem to still be able to eat lightly spiced foods. Last night we drove to Little India for my birthday dinner. I love going to all-you-can-eat buffets with my men-folk because they make me feel like we are really getting our money's worth. Through all of this my appetite has remained good, and I am looking forward to pot roast and sweet potatoes that Eric is cooking tonight.

Some of the perks of my cancer: people send me flowers, cards and chocolates, others bring me food and other kindnesses, I no longer do the vacuuming or clean bathrooms, I am waited on hand and foot and am being spoiled rotten - and I like it!!!


Topher said...

Anne -

I've written and deleted this comment a number of times now, not satisfied with my words. Words can't express what you're going through, so instead of "I'm sorry..." or "Thinking of you..." I'll just say I love your blog. Witty, insightful thoughts and no more bathroom cleaning!

I hope to make it up to Canada soon.

My love to you and Jean-Paul.



Livia said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
Much love,
Livia said...

Bonne fête en retard merveilleuse Anne !
Tu es une inspiration, une flamme vive, une Déesse incarnée !
I love this blog !
Merci de partager toute cette aventure personnelle et puissante, avec l'Autre.
Une humaine qui t'admire...
Nathalie C xxxxxxxyz

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne,

I was so happy to see your beautiful smile on Facebook and then so sad to hear about this suddenly. It hit me hard in the heart, as you can imagine. I've had a few friends over the years who have had cancer, underwent harsh treatments and are now cancer free! I love your blog and know that you will be one of the lucky ones.

Love and strength to you, JP, Eric and my old friend Miriam, of course :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Anne!
I remember my scalp being sore as well. I always had shortish hair and only needed to comb it but when I started to lose my hair... don't remember exactly when but around the 4th or 5th week after the first chemo, i decided to buzz my hair very short (not completely off). Psychologically, it was harder than I expected to see clumps of hair falling out, and I think it felt better to have the buzzed hair. (go to the early days in my blog)

My sister Michelle is just across the road if you need anything... She was great with me and has a good idea of food to eat. I had GI tract issues because of the darn premeds and she made these great "poofins". This was her nickname for these muffins with lots of fibre!

Sending warm love from Southern California :-)

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