Saturday, April 17, 2010

You give me fever

I was disappointed this morning to wake up with sore throat still there, and with lower energy than yesterday. My planned walk to the beach didn't happen, and I spent most of the day obsessing about my throat between visits from friends expecting to find me more active. I called the hospital to find out what medications I could take (why do these things always happen after Friday, 5:00 pm?), and the on-duty doctor told me that even vitamin C or zinc is off limits during chemo!! She also told me to go for blood work on Monday, no matter how I feel. I hope that I don't have to postpone either chemo on Wednesday or the CT scan at the end of the month.

This afternoon I tried to force a fake fever by soaking in a very hot bath - got my temp up to 38.5 for about half an hour and hope that I killed off some germs in the process. Tonight, I am running a slight fever - 37.1 (my normal is 36.1) and am drinking a garlic, ginger, lemon and honey concoction that Eric has made me - the throat feels better, but I could drop a fly at ten paces with my garlic breath.


Peg said...

Anne, In India they use a concoction of ground turmeric mixed with honey and then added hot water. It is fairly bitter, like a not so nice tea. But it is supposed to be "antispetic" and helped me with a sore throat a few times.

Big Hug, Peggy Hanefors

David said...

Dearest Anne, it was wonderful to see you, even briefly, Friday night. Felipe and I really enjoyed the wonderful meal and wonderfuller company with you, J-P and Eric. You characteristically omitted any mention of the sore throat -- had to read about it here, after the fact!

We both marvel at your sunny disposition, painting energy and of course the signature Ane radiance. Will be reading your blog regularlly now, and hope to visit again when in TO next. Big hugs,


Anne said...

Peggy, I will try your turmeric and honey infusion, as the throat is still not right.

David, you left your sweatshirt - it will be here, clean and waiting for your next visit.

love to you both XX

Atanas said...

Anne, I LOVE your sense of humor!! :)
Keep going!


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